More Metal Fabricating Under One Roof

Fabricators Plus provides finished metal fabricated product - we cut, form, weld, paint, anodize and deliver from one world class facility.

We work with a variety of materials and deliver finished products in significantly less time than non-single source suppliers. Our in-house capabilities include:

High speed cnc laser cutter at work High speed cnc laser cutter at work

Laser cutting – 2500 Watt Cincinnati Laser cuts a variety of materials including plastics, glass and sheet aluminum

Water jet – 60,000 psi jet precision processes an unlimited array of materials and varying thicknesses in small runs or full scale production runs

Press brake forming – multiple press operation including CNC programmable and up to 175 tons


  • Emmegi 4-axis Diamat Machining Center with a 30 foot bed accomplishes horizontal and vertical milling, drilling, thread cutting and slotting of aluminum, steel and PVC at any angle from 0 to 180 degrees
  • Multiple 3-axis HAAS Machining Centers
  • Lathe designed for precisely machining relatively hard materials

Welding – MIG, TIG, spot and plastic/rubberized

  • AWS certified welders on staff
  • ASTM D412 certified plastic/rubberized welding
  • Skilled in a variety of attachment methods including adhesives and metal bonding

Powder coating – in-house powder coat paint line accommodates parts up to 20 feet long and we will color match any custom color

Anodizing – in-house anodizing of parts up to 22 feet long and multiple finish colors

Brushed metal finishing