Delivery Challenge

One of Fabricators Plus's first customers was a Fortune 1000 manufacturer in need of eliminating on-site inventory. Fabricators Plus was hired to design a process to source the raw material, fabricate, assemble and deliver finished parts sequenced for real-time incorporation into the client's assembly line on an hourly basis. We met that challenge and are proud to continue to serve this client's evolving needs.

A Competitive Advantage

We have established and developed a niche with our unique customized lean delivery model. We can help advance your operations with a custom delivery model designed to reduce and eliminate on-site storage of parts and unnecessary handling. One of the ways we do this is by delivering sequenced quantities directly into the assembly cell ready for immediate processing. By the way, we also use wheeled, returnable carts to further reduce waste from the delivery process.

Consistently Reliable Deliveries

Delivery 99+% Complete and On-Time, Every Time

Consistently Reliable Deliveries

What It Means to Our Customers

"With cost of raw materials going up I have no money tied up in inventory. I can have cash on hand, or invested in machinery, instead of having it tied up in inventory lying around in the plant." VP Procurement, 2008

Frequent, Sequenced No-Defect Deliveries – How Do You Want It?

Our lean expertise allows us to design extremely flexible and responsive delivery models for our customers. "How do you want your deliveries?" is one of the first things our team will be working to understand. No matter where you are with your lean journey Fabricators Plus can help you design the delivery system that is right for your operations. We have the ability, depending upon customer need and location, for multiple daily, bi-weekly, weekly, bi-monthly, or customized delivery scheduling.

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