Get Products to Market Faster - Rapid Quote Response

Drawing When you do it right you only need to do it once. Fabricators Plus takes great pride in providing short tooling and manufacturing start-up lead times. A documented tool design process, a rapid prototyping process, and a culture of consistent zero defects means ideas quickly become high quality reality. Depending on project scope, quote responses can be turned around in as little as 48 hours.

In-House Engineering Services

We know how critical it can be to make new product development costing and feasibility decisions quickly. Our in-house knowledgeable design, engineering and manufacturing teams work to help you make sound business decisions. We’ll approach each new project with a relentless problem solving approach and fresh ideas. Here is a sample of the value-added services we provide:

Tool and part development optimization - including tool material selection

Manufacturability and material selection - tools and parts

Designing quality in and costs out - value engineering

Rapid tooling lead times - access to prototypes quickly

JIT delivery system - projects can start with very little, to no 'in-queue' inventory

Tool design options - cost savings opportunities, proper functionality

Rapid, high quality tool and part development - tight tolerances

Reducing the complexity - in individual parts and the complete finished good model

Rapid response to changes or modifications - often due to early customer or operational feedback

Risk management - duplicate customer tooling at no extra cost, part programs held at 3 separate locations

Design Concept to Delivery

Fabricators Plus saves valuable processing time by streamlining the communication process with a single point of contact provided for the entire part, tool and prototype development process.

Design and Engineering Assistance - Concept Phase

Tool & Die Development - Development Phase

Rapid Prototyping Capabilities - Prototype/Pilot and into Full Production Phases

"Our engineers work with their engineers for joint problem resolution." Customer Product Design Engineer, 2008

Design Software

  • Pro Engineer

    Pro E® software allows us to make 3D picture models so the customer can see the finished product and participate in making changes before it is built. This is important as it allows cost effective design and less wasted time along with a shorter lead time of finished product to the customer.

  • Master Cam

    We utilize Mastercam®, the industry leading CAD/CAM software available. This software cuts our programming time to a minimum and produces fewer errors. This ensures that our programming time on each project is a minimal part of the process and additional cost is avoided.