What is the typical lead time for new tooling?

On average 6-8 weeks, depending upon the scope of the project.

Will I own the tooling? What if a replacement is needed?

Our customers own their tooling. We have put specific measures in place to ensure and maintain proper operation and uninterrupted production of all equipment and tooling whether it is our own or our customers.

One way we do this is to provide duplicate tooling at a separate location at no additional cost. Secondly, Fabricators Plus has a TPM (Total Preventative Maintenance) program that defines and documents activities completed by our operators and maintenance team which include regularly scheduled cleaning, adjusting and servicing of equipment and tooling to ensure and maintain proper operation and uninterrupted production.

What kind of material should be used to create my tooling?

Our design and engineering team has years of experience with optimizing tooling design. We will work with you to understand the options available and analyze the tradeoffs involved to help you make the decision that is right for each project.

What electronic drawing file format do you use?

We use Pro E software which allows us to make 3D picture models so the customer can see the finished product and participate in making changes before it is built. This is important, as it facilitates cost effective design, produces less wasted time and provides a shorter lead time of finished product to the customer.

We also utilize the industry leading Master Cam software available. This software cuts our programming time to a minimum and produces fewer errors. This ensures programming time on each project is a minimal part of the process keeping unnecessary waste and cost from the process.

Can you produce and assemble one-off prototypes?

We have the know-how to tackle almost any challenge. Individual prototype building and assembly varies by project. Give us a call with your requirements and we'll be happy to see how we can meet your needs.

I have a minimal amount budgeted for tooling. What cost effective tooling design strategies do you recommend?

Our design and engineering team has been finding creative solutions to these types of dilemmas for years. Most often it depends upon the anticipated life of the product as to what will be the most economical design solution. There are cases where technology and other equipment (lasers, CNC machining, mills, saws, etc.) can be used in place of costly hard tooling. Give us a call to discuss your particular needs and requirements.

I'm not certain my business is ready for multiple daily deliveries. Can you still add value to my operation?

No matter where you are with your lean journey we can help. We work with customers to evaluate and analyze each operation's unique production processes to develop the most efficient delivery system for each situation. You can count on Fabricators Plus to deliver high quality parts complete and on-time, every time.

What information do you need to be able to provide a quote? When will I hear back from you if I request a quote?

  • Name and address
  • Reference to any applicable standards, specifications, drawings, etc.
  • Estimated annual usages or quote quantities
  • Estimated shipping quantity requirements
  • Specific raw material specifications
  • Quality specifications on raw material and finished goods
  • Tooling or equipment availability for the project
  • Pdf file of any prints
  • Contact name and phone number for the quote team

What is the lead time from initial conversation to first delivery?

We will acknowledge your request within a 24-hour period. After receiving all necessary quote information we will respond as quickly as possible. Depending upon the scope of the project some quotes can be turned around in as little as 48 hours.

We are always happy to answer questions in person. Please call us at 563-263-3011 or email us at info@fab-plus.com to find the answer to your specific question.