Our JIT Delivery Model Is Different. Defect-Free, High Quality Parts Exactly When and Where They Are Needed.

JIT delivery from Fabricators Plus is different from many suppliers. A lot of them talk the talk, but we walk the walk. We are able to do whatever the customer wants to have done and tailor delivery to the way they need their product.

For some of our customers, we currently deliver product on returnable carts with wheels, staged in the order they build it and delivered directly to the work cell in small increments to their scheduled hourly requirement, multiple times a day.

Delivery system capabilities include:

Electronic (web-based) purchase ordering system provides visibility to our customer's actual production schedule as soon as the next day.

Fabricators Plus produces or pulls pre-produced parts for sequencing and staging in pre-determined lot sizes based on the customer's assembly cell needs.

These incremental lot sizes are loaded into returnable, wheeled carts and delivered directly into the customers's production or assembly cell for immediate use.

Depending upon location, deliveries can be as frequent as multiple daily, bi-weekly, weekly, bi-monthly, or customized delivery scheduling.

This process allows the customer to only purchase exactly what they need to produce to a schedule and keep their inventory cost to a minimum. In many cases, the inventory is built into finished product and in their warehouse before the next delivery is made. We also deliver in quantities of whatever the customer's needs are and with lead times they set up with our team.

Don't need multiple daily deliveries? That's ok, too. No matter where you are with your lean journey we can help. We work with customers to evaluate and analyze each operation's unique production processes to develop the most efficient delivery system for each situation. You can count on Fabricators Plus to deliver high quality parts complete and on-time, every time.

No Wasted Inventory

Due to the nature of some supply processes projects can often require large amounts of inventory en route or queued up waiting to be processed. A sudden design change can make a very expensive impact in these circumstances. With Fabricators Plus, little to no inventory in queue means if, and when, it becomes necessary to accommodate a design change, little to no inventory is wasted. Just another way Fabricators Plus delivers the kind of results that make measurable improvements to our customer's overall operations and bottom line.

Highly Responsive Expedited Delivery Accommodates Last Minute Changes

Fabricators Plus's lean expertise applied to their own operational model and coupled with frequent, sequenced deliveries to customers allows them to be highly responsive to customers "urgent" delivery needs or last minute changes to production schedules.

“I really want to thank all you guys for your help in getting these extrusions pushed through so fast. It was nothing short of amazing. Please pass our thanks along.” Customer Product Design Engineer, 2009

Customized Delivery Systems Improve Customer’s Operations

“Incoming parts go right to the line, no storing, no additional handling - frequent deliveries mean quicker response to changes and emergencies.” Production, 2008

“Our product doesn’t sit in the warehouse long. Their [Fabricator Plus’s] rapid response allows us to make shipping commitments to our customers and reduce the risk that we disappoint them.” Customer Production Worker, 2008

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