Continuous Daily Improvement (CDI) Means Eliminating Waste

Environment Continually improving processes is at the heart of CDI. When Fabricators Plus talks about lean we mean reducing and eliminating waste from processes. The Fabricators Plus team offers more than 150 years of manufacturing and lean experience combined. We are a learning organization dedicated to relentless reflection followed by actions to eliminate process waste.

One of the ways we utilize our lean expertise is through CDI teams who work with employees at all levels of the organization to better understand processes and daily activities that regularly lead to process and customer satisfaction improvement.

Grow leaders who thoroughly understand the work, live the philosophy and teach it to others. Principle 9, The Toyota Way

Process Improvements Mean Cost Savings for Our Customers

Solar panel Within the industries we serve we are held to very high cost, quality and delivery standards. In the cost category we have exceeded our margin improvement targets for both our customers and ourselves. Over the last several years we have accumulated several million dollars worth of combined savings for Fabricators Plus and our customers. We are able to do this by continuously implementing lean manufacturing methods we call Continuous Daily Improvement (CDI). Fabricators Plus goes the extra mile to share rewards. We truly are working to help our customers improve their overall operations.

1 Waste from over producing
2 Waste from waiting
3 Waste from transportation
4 Waste from unnecessary processing
5 Waste from unnecessary inventory
6 Waste from unnecessary motions
7 Waste from producing defective product
Source: Gemba Kaizen: A Commonsense, Low-Cost Approach to Management, by MASAAKI IMAI

Lean Is Green

Alternative Energy VehicleBy nature our thoughtful practice of Continuous Daily Improvement leads to operations that are considerate of our planet. A few of the implemented practices at Fabricators Plus include:

100% of our aluminum scrap is recycled – dust and all!

We have devised a system to reuse our 'shop orders' over and over to reduce our own internal paper usage.

We utilize returnable, reusable delivery containers.

Packaging materials are returned to our suppliers for reuse, including wooden stringers, pallets and cardboard.