Aluminum and More


Yes, we do aluminum. In fact we do a lot of aluminum. However, the Fabricators Plus engineering and manufacturing teams are able to source, process and deliver additional materials, including but not limited to plastics, glass, steel, other alloy materials and wood. To inquire about additional material types click here.

Sourcing and Managing Multiple Vendors is Time Consuming

Fabricators Plus is a preferred, strategic supply partner to many of its customers. Some even prefer to utilize Fabricators Plus’s large purchase volume to cost effectively manage the complete supply chain, from raw material pricing all the way to delivery. This is also an effective way for customers to manage potential risks from supply chain disruption as Fabricators Plus works with several supply partners. A responsive, single point of contact is provided for each project to save critical processing time.

Capacity/Space Utilization – Delivering Customized Lean Solutions

No one delivers lean results the way Fabricators Plus does. Realize on-site inventory reduction, increases in inventory turns, operational productivity gains, and more with a frequent, sequenced Delivery System designed specifically to meet the needs of your operation.

Uninterrupted Deliveries – 99.8% Complete and On-Time*, Every Time

Fabricators Plus has a track record of exceptional complete and on-time deliveries to customers. A track record like this does not just happen. Fabricators Plus does several things to ensure they can be counted on to keep your operations running.

Duplicate tooling provided at no additional cost to the customer

Back-up operation locations and part programs held at three separate locations

Partnerships with highly experienced, geographically dispersed extrusion suppliers

Multiple press operation and presses are compatible with multiple dies

Documented Quality Management System (in compliance with ISO-9001:2008)

* Complete and On-Time Delivery performance as measured and reported by our customers.