Problems Solved

Continuous Daily Improvement (CDI) and Shared Rewards

At Fabricators Plus we are continually removing waste and unnecessary cost from processes. Our suppliers and customers share in the savings that result.

A Valuable Business Partner 

We truly care about our customers' and suppliers' success. In fact, so much so, we provided a driver and truck during floods in 2008 to deliver another supplier's product to ensure our customers were able to keep their manufacturing complete and on-time to meet their critical shipping commitments.

Employees participate in process improvement events throughout the year at customer locations to eliminate waste and reduce cost of operations for customers.

When awarded business from another supplier we improved quality so much that we reduced the defect rate by 20% and the supplier was able to re-deploy two full time employees from inspecting product to other positions.

Over the last several years we have accumulated several million dollars worth of combined savings for Fabricators Plus and our customers. We are able to do this by continuously implementing lean manufacturing methods we call Continuous Daily Improvement (CDI). Fabricators Plus goes the extra mile to share rewards. We truly are working to help our customers improve their overall operations.