World Class Achievements and Certifications

Our quality is better than World Class as measured by "Customer Complaints per Million" or CCPM*. For more about our measurable quality achievements click here.

* CCPM means Customer Complaints per Million parts. World Class Manufacturing standards dictate a range of 100-120 CCPM.

Our Customer Commitment

Fabricators Plus is committed to exceeding customer expectations through operational excellence. We are committed to doing what we say, continuing to improve our processes through daily improvements and delivering as promised.

Continuous Daily Improvement (CDI)

Continually improving processes and eliminating waste is at the heart of CDI. Fabricators Plus employs CDI teams who work with employees at all levels of the organization to better understand processes and daily activities that lead to process and customer satisfaction improvement opportunities. Rigorous, continuous implementation of CDI within the organization has helped to make Fabricators Plus the successful business it is today. To see how we put lean to work for our operations and our customers click here.

Some of the data collection, measurement and analysis tools used by Fabricators Plus include:

Formalized Quality Management System

Quality Audits

Monitoring and Measuring Processes

Monitoring and Measuring Product for Conformity

Mistake-Proof (Poka-Yoke) Processes

Pareto Charts

Fishbone Diagrams

5 Why Problem Solving Process

Process and Capability Analysis

To see examples of specific Problems Solved by Fabricators Plus click here.