"I can't wait for the first part to be produced. Thanks for all the help and outstanding service I have received over the last three orders!" President, 2010

"Within a very short time, the team at Fabricators Plus came up with a design concept and working prototype that exceeded our expectations. The quality, responsiveness, and customer care they have given us is simply superb." CEO, 2010

"I would like to thank the Fabricators Plus team for their efforts. You were able to turn a 3 week lead time into a 3 day lead time and deliver a promised. It is greatly appreciated. With your help we were able to resolve what would have become an issue for the customer, before it became an issue." Product Design Engineer, 2009

"I really want to thank all you guys for your help in getting these extrusions pushed through so fast.  It was nothing short of amazing.  Please pass our thanks along." Product Design Engineer, 2009

"This was my first visit to an aluminum fabricator, but from my background and from the dozens of supplier audits I have done in the last 15 months, it truly showed your attention for details and strength in abilities for what you do, including the equipment specialization and order entry/distribution areas." Procurement Manager, 2008

"[Other suppliers] are 15 years away from understanding lean the way Fabricators Plus does." VP Procurement, 2008

"They understand our customer so they understand why we ask for the things we ask for, they give input into the process and together we put together a better game plan for how to serve the customer." Procurement, 2008

"Product delivered exactly when it's needed means we meet our delivery commitments to our customer." Production, 2008

With cost of raw materials going up I have no money tied up in inventory. I can have cash on hand, or invested in machinery, instead of having it tied up in inventory lying around in the plant. VP Procurement, 2008

"Our product doesn't sit in the warehouse long. Their [Fabricator Plus's] rapid response allows us to make shipping commitments to our customers and reduce the risk that we disappoint them." Production, 2008

"Incoming parts go right to the line, no storing, no additional handling - frequent deliveries mean quicker response to changes and emergencies." Production, 2008

"Our engineers work with their engineers for joint problem resolution." Product Design Engineer, 2008

"[They are] in our plants everyday – [they are] an extension of us." Production, 2008