Why Choose Fabricators Plus

Over the years here are a few reasons customers have chosen Fabricators Plus as a long-term, preferred business partner:

Full service provider of finished metal fabricated product from a single location

Track record of lean manufacturing expertise and experience

Deliveries can be counted on to be on-time, complete, defect free and to schedule

Delivery scheduling flexibility – capable of producing and delivering to customer's daily production schedule

Shared reward philosophy

Risk mitigation planning

High quality and rapid tool design

Tight tolerance capabilities

Dedicated project management resources

Customer focus and responsiveness – expedited delivery capabilities

Fabricators Plus is always working to enhance our customer's operational performance. Some of the benefits of choosing Fabricators Plus include:

On-site inventory is reduced or eliminated to free up valuable manufacturing floor space

Deliveries arrive sequenced, kitted and ready for immediate processing, eliminating unnecessary handling and storage at customer's location

Defect-free deliveries mean no production downtime

Low inventory levels mean no wasted inventory

Short tool lead times mean products get to market faster

Customer product flow gains with customized delivery development planning

Custom delivery planning achieves increased scheduling flexibility within customer's operations

Improved customer cash flow – less money tied up in inventory

Streamlined sourcing from concept to delivery – all managed under one roof saves valuable processing time and administrative overhead